Partnership with Challenge Success
Chaminade College Preparatory has partnered with Challenge Success, a non-profit, school reform organization affiliated with the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. Our partnership will help Chaminade implement practical, research-based tools and strategies to create a more balanced and academically fulfilling life for our students.
A Strategic School-wide Initiative
Over the course of our history, Chaminade has periodically undergone an examination of its mission and priorities to improve student learning and engagement with optimal efficiency and impact. Our current Loving, Learning, and Leading Together Strategic Plan 2017-2023 includes six priorities that lay out a thoughtful path forward to support all of our students. As such, Chaminade is focusing on Priority 4 which leverages our commitment to family spirit to support student emotional health and well-being. The rationale behind this priority is attributed to a dramatic increase in such areas as depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, and over-scheduling.
Challenge Success Team
To aid Chaminade in this strategic initiative, a leadership team was created who meets regularly with a Challenge Success coach to implement school change based on quantitative and qualitative data that focuses on a more balanced life for our students.
The team members are:
Chair: Bro. Adam Becerra, fsp, DMin
Vice President of Mission and Strategic Initiatives
Mike Valentine, Principal
Carolina Gunter, Vice Principal of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology
Heather Eaton, Director of Counseling
Nikki Russ, Religion Teacher
Preston Webb ’25, Student Representative
West Hills:
Luis Guerra, Principal
Lisa Magorien, Vice Principal of Student Support
Laura Cuneo, Director of Counseling
Kathryn Howard, School Therapist
Paul Sauter, Science Teacher
Rylie Evans ’22, Student Representative

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