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Academic Resource Program (ARP)

Chaminade recognizes that all students may benefit from extra academic support. To provide this assistance, we offer the Academic Resource Program (ARP), a supplemental mentoring and support service to help students achieve their educational goals. This year, we’ve introduced accountability measures and organizational strategies to enhance the program’s effectiveness.

ARP runs four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the high school library. Families choose the day or days that best fit the students’ after-school schedules.*

Each student enrolled is assigned an academic mentor for the semester and focuses on the following areas:

Academic Responsibility – Academic mentors will work with each student to develop basic skills of tracking one’s performance and ensuring the completion of assignments. Students will be responsible for presenting their agenda book for review, checking their grades to identify missing or late work, and discussing with their mentor how to improve study skills and organizational habits. Mentors will email the student’s parents and counselor weekly, summarizing academic accountability and reporting current grades.

Homework Supervision – A study space will be provided for students to complete any homework or study for upcoming assessments.

Strengthening of Advocacy in their Learning – Students will be mentored on communicating with their teachers in person and appropriately via email. The best use of X-Block and office hours will also be addressed. Guidance will be provided on the most effective way of expressing one’s need for additional support in target areas. 

Tutoring – on-site tutors will be available in all academic subjects.

* When registering for ARP,  each day is a separate “item” in the registration system. Please choose the day or days that best fit your students’ after-school schedule. We encourage parents to consider the level of additional support their child needs, and it’s common for students to attend the ARP program twice a week.
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