At Chaminade we are committed to creating a Student Centered Learning environment that caters to the individual learning modalities of every student. Technology is one of several tools employed inside and outside the classroom to achieve this goal. All Chaminade students participate in our One-to-One Student Tablet PC Program for the duration of their Chaminade school experience. Our program has been very successful. It has improved instructional outcomes, transcended time and location limitations for learning, brought enthusiasm and more student involvement, and is setting the standard by serving as a model for other schools in our area.

Laptop Hospital Information

The hours for the laptop hospital are 8am to 3:30pm. To help reduce the risk and to protect the safety of our students please email us and make an appointment.
Having technical issues? Please view our laptop hospital FAQ here
You can also email the laptop hospital at
If you still need help please visit our live chat feature here

Middle School (Chatsworth)
Location: 200 Building (lower level)
Room: 202
Tel: 818-488-8130

Middle School students may visit the middle school Laptop Hospital during the following times:
  • Before school from 7:30 to 8:00 AM
  • In between blocks.
  • During lunch.
  • After school until 3:40 PM
High School (West Hills)
Location: Fine Arts Building (lower level)
Room: FA 2
Tel: 818-488-8989

High School students may visit the high school Laptop Hospital during the following hours:
  • Before school from 7:30 to 8:00 AM
  • During breaks and lunch
  • After school dismissal until 4:00 PM
Students are NOT allowed to visit the laptop hospital during class; emergencies such as tests will require a signed note from your teacher. If you do not have a note from your teacher, you will be sent back to class and may receive a consequence from the Deans.

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