The Apostolic Works Service Learning Program is rooted in the Catholic, Marianist tradition of witnessing to the good news of Jesus Christ and being in alliance with Mary’s mission: to nurture Christ in others and communities to transform the world.

Religion Curriculum

The Apostolic Works
The Apostolic Works Service Program has been modified for Hybrid and Distance Learning models, and STUDENTS WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO SERVE IN PERSON THIS SUMMER. However, if students choose to participate in any on-site/in-person service, it should only be done according to the latest health guidance and parent’s discretion.
Apostolic Works helps students discover and develop their gifts and talents to help build up communities. Through this program, students will experience a discernment prayer service in their Religion classes, research opportunities for service, and complete an action plan of service where their gifts and talents will be served. They will also learn how to utilize the x2VOL online service tracking platform.
Below you will find links for a resource guide for a wide range of remote and in-person opportunities. Volunteer opportunities will also be publicized in the weekly CTW (Chaminade This Week).
Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link for further details on our Apostolic Works program.
The service learning program is intentionally linked to the Religion curriculum to meet the learning goals of the program. Students will:

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  • Engage in a discernment process to guide their gifts and passions.

  • Develop an action plan that will identify and address the needs of their nonprofit organization.

  • Participate in a “Rite of Commissioning” at Mass to signify their commitment to apostolic works.

  • Engage in ongoing reflection in the classroom and will complete a final reflection component.

Middle School

Middle school students will experience a progressive growth in their responsibility of service from one grade level to the next by serving at a non-profit organization of their choice according to their gifts and talents. 

All middle school students are required to complete a specific number of service hours throughout the school year. 

  • 6th Grade – 10 Hours
  • 7th Grade – 15 Hours
  • 8th Grade – 20 Hours

High School

Students will continue to participate in their grade-level themed service.

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  • Summer Apostolic Works

    1. You may start applying service for the next school year beginning June 1. 
    2. Hours served during the summer may be applied for up to one-half of the yearly expectation, no matter how many hours served over the summer: 
    • 9th Grade – Passion for the Mission - 10 Hours (Up to 5 hours for summer hours)
    • 10th Grade – Building Community – 15 Hours (Up to 7.5 hours for summer hours)
    • 11th Grade – DEUS Caritas Est – 20 Hours (Up to 10 hours for summer hours)
    • 12th Grade – Magnificat – 25 Hours (Up to 12.5 Hours for summer hours)
    1. NO DIRECT PERSON TO PERSON SERVICE IS REQUIRED THIS SUMMER 2021 FOR ANY GRADE LEVEL. If you wish to volunteer ON-SITE at an organization you must get your parents’ permission and follow the latest state and city health guidelines.
    2. Please see our Virtual & Onsite Volunteering links for ideas on where to volunteer.
    3. Please refer to our FAQs for specific information about each grade level’s focus:
  • 9th Grade: Passion for the Mission

    10 Hours
    Freshmen use their gifts and passion to serve any non-profit organization.
  • 10th Grade: Building Community

    15 hours
    Service in Faith Life, Human Life & Human Dignity, Economic Life, Ecology/ Environmental Life/ Animals, Promotion of Peace.
  • 11th Grade: DEUS Caritas Est (God is Love)

    20 hours
    Service through an organization that directly helps PEOPLE in one or more of the following areas of concentration of DEUS (Disabled, Elderly, Underserved, or Sick).
  • 12th Grade: Magnificat – Saying Yes, Like Mary

    25 Hours
    Option to do a Project or hours to a non-profit. Service must be to ONE organization of the student’s choosing.

Summer Apostolic Works

Students can receive credit for up to half of the year's requirement by grade level hours and service sites:

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  • 6th Grade - 5

  • 7th Grade - 7.5

  • 8th Grade - 10

  • 9th and 10th Grade - 7.5

  • 11th Grade - 10

  • 12th Grade -12.5 (hours option)

x2VOL (Service Hours Tracking Program)

Chaminade uses x2VOL from intelliVOL to streamline the tracking and reporting of students’ service hours so that the focus remains on service, not paperwork. With x2VOL, students log into their account and submit entries for completing their service hours. It’s a secure online platform that accurately tracks students’ hours, matches their interests with service opportunities, and keeps a digital profile of all their service performed.

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade

We are all missionaries and we consider ourselves on a permanent mission.

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  • We pride ourselves in living out the charism and values

    of what makes our school distinctly Catholic.

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