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  • Middle School

    Eighth grade
  • High School

    Fine Arts Department Chair
    Film Program Director
    Ms. Karen Ann Thumm, B.S., M.A

    FILM I – Introduction to Film 
    Everyone loves movies! Students in this class will learn how to make films as they study the history of this visual art form and learn the language of cinema. In the context of significant films such as Citizen Kane and The Godfather, students will discover their own voices as filmmakers – writing, directing, filming, and editing their own shorts. Students will work collaboratively to craft films while practicing the established genres of the medium: drama, comedy, horror, western, science fiction, and more. Students will have access to all necessary equipment to create stunning films, including Canon DSLR cameras and lenses, microphones, lights, tripods, dollies, and Adobe editing software.  

    FILM II – Advanced Film Production 
    Students will build on the fundamentals of filmmaking they learned in Film I while creating a variety of short films between five and ten minutes in length. Students will learn to craft the stories that are important to them – the stories they feel need to be told – in a collaborative environment that will challenge them to become better screenwriters, cinematographers, directors, producers, and editors. 

    FILM III, IV, V, VI, VII – Advanced Film Workshop 
    The Advanced Film Workshop is for filmmakers who wish to continue their study of film in a more rigorous and intensely collaborative environment. Students will use their knowledge of film production from Film I and Film II and work on perfecting their craft as they take creative risks in a workshop environment that places the emphasis on process and not product. Students will create short films with larger casts and crews than they have had the opportunity to work with before, and they will be challenged to think creatively as they work collaboratively with this dynamic community of artists. 

    Covering the fundamentals of effective composition, advanced techniques in lighting and staging, and the history of photography, this class provides an introduction to the world of photography and the practical use of digital cameras to create meaningful art. Direct instruction during class combined with experience shooting in the field and on set will demystify the DSLR camera settings utilized in digital photography. Students will learn how to use photography as a means of self-expression and documentation.   

    This extracurricular club for students interested in filmmaking and photography is entirely student run and student directed. A student executive board fosters an environment where Chaminade filmmakers can collaborate on projects, learn about filmmaking, screen films together, and share their interest in film and photography. Students in the club compete in annual film festival competitions such as NFFTY’s 48 Hour Film Off and AAHSFF’s challenges.  

    Chaminade Studios hosts an annual film festival each spring that is open to the entire Chaminade community and judged by industry professionals. 

    Watch examples of student work from the Chaminade Film Program on our YouTube channel: 

    See Chaminade filmmakers in action on Instagram: ChaminadeStudios@NadeFilm 
Chaminade Studios competes in a variety of national and international film festivals each year, such as The National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) and The All American High School Film Festival, in addition to hosting our own annual film festival showcasing the best work of Chaminade Filmmakers each spring.

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