The primary philosophy behind the Chaminade curriculum is to prepare students for academic success in college and beyond. In line with our Marianist philosophy, this goal is achieved through a balanced technology enhanced curriculum. Curricular paths provide for individualized programs of study that are built on rigorous and relevant courses. A competent and dedicated faculty partner with families to provide a student centered learning experience. The curriculum is designed to develop academic potential and to foster inquiry, creativity, scholarship, and a lifelong love of learning.


Middle School

Middle School Courses

List of 8 items.

  • English

    Literature 6
    English 7
    English 8
  • Exploratories

    Art 6
    Art 7
    Art 8
    Band (full year) 6
    Band (full year) 7
    Band (full year) 8
    Computer Science 6
    Computer Science 7
    Drama 6
    Drama 7
    Drama 8
    Music 6
    Music 7
    Chaminade Live: Make Your Own Music 8
    The Art of Storytelling 8
    Social Media 8
    Speech 6
    Speech 7
    Mock Trial 8
    Leadership 8
    Yearbook 8

  • Math

    Math 6
    Honors Math 6
    Honors Pre-Algebra
    Principles of Algebra
    Algebra I
    Honors Algebra 1
    Honors Geometry

  • Physical Education

    Co-educational Physical Education 6
    Boys Physical Education 7
    Girls Physical Education 7
    Boys Physical Education 8
    Girls Physical Education 8
  • Religion

    Religion 6
    Religion 7
    Religion 8
  • Science

    Earth and Space Science 6
    Life Science 7
    Physical Science 8
  • Social Studies

    Ancient Civilizations
    Medieval World History
    American History to 1877
  • World Languages

    French 1A (7th grade)
    French 1B (8th grade)
    Spanish 1A (7th grade)
    Spanish 1B (8th grade)


High School

High School Courses

List of 11 items.

  • AP Capstone

    Advanced Placement Seminar
    Advanced Placement Research
  • English

    English 9AB (College Prep & Honors)
    American Literature & Composition (College Prep & Honors)
    British Literature & Composition (College Prep & Honors)
    AP English Language
    AP English Literature
    Critical Thinking and Composition
    Tragic Hero

    Introduction to Speech Composition
    Argumentation & Debate I
    Argumentation, Debate and Competitive Speech II, III
    Literary Landscape: California as Author and Text
    Science Fiction, Fantasy and Magical Realism
    Short Fiction
    Sports Writing
    Creative Writing A: Introduction
    Creative Writing B: Advanced
    Exploring Mythology and Folklore
    Yearbook I - II
    Read More
  • Fine Arts

    Art IA – Fundamentals of Art
    Art IB – Studio Art Watercolor
    Art IB – Digital Design
    Art IB – 3D Design
    Studio Art II – III
    AP Studio Art: Drawing
    AP Studio Art: 2-D Design
    Art Appreciation
    Concert Band I - IV
    Eagle Regiment I – IV
    Eagle Regiment Color Guard I - IV
    Guitar I
    Jazz Studies I – IV
    Mass Communication and Media Marketing
    Chorus I - VII
    Dance I – V
    Dance I – IV Production/Portfolio
    Drama I – Introduction to Theatre Arts
    Drama II, III, IV – Acting
    Drama II, III, IV – Musical Theatre
    Film I – VII
    Music Appreciation
    Music Practicum
  • Mathematics

    Algebra I (College Prep & Honors)
    Geometry (College Prep & Honors)
    Algebra II
    Algebra II/Trigonometry Honors
    Math Analysis – Functions & Trigonometry
    Mathematics of Financial Analysis
    Pre-Calculus (College Prep & Honors)
    Probability and Statistics
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Calculus BC
    AP Statistics
  • Computer Science

    Online Computer Skills
    Introduction to Autonomous Robotics
    Advanced Robotics
    Introduction to Computer Programming
    Advanced Computer
    Programming II, II, IV
    Introduction to C++ Programming
    AP Computer Science
  • Physical Education

    Co-Ed Team Sports
    Fitness and Lifestyle Recreation
    Strength and Conditioning
    Varsity Athletic Physical Education
  • Theology

    Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Required Semester Courses:
    Religion 9A: Revelation
    Religion 9B: Jesus Christ
    Religion 10A: The Paschal Mystery
    Religion 10B: The Church
    Religion 11A: Sacraments
    Religion 11B: Christian Morality

    Senior First Semester Elective Course Options:
    Religion 12A: Church 2K
    Religion 12A: Sacred Scripture
    Religion 12A: World Religions
    Religion 12A - Faith, Science, and Reason
    Religion 12A: Christian Leadership in Society

    Senior Second Semester Required Course:
    Religion 12B: Christian Vocations
  • Science

    Biology (College Prep & Honors)
    Chemistry (College Prep & Honors)
    AP Biology
    AP Chemistry
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Physics I
    AP Physics C – Mechanics
    Human Physiology/Anatomy
    Marine Biology
    Marine Ecology
    Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Social Science

    Physical & Cultural Geography
    World History
    AP World History
    United States History
    AP United States History
    United States Government
    AP United States Government
    AP European History
    AP Macro Economics
    AP Human Geography
    AP Psychology
    Current Topics in American and World Affairs
    History and Film
    Introduction to Sociology
    Prejudice & Intolerance
    Business Economics
    Global Economic Leadership I- II
    The Science of Happiness
  • World Languages

    French I
    French II, III Honors
    French IV
    AP French Language
    Honors French V Literature
    AP Latin
    Latin I
    Latin II, III Honors
    AP Latin
    Spanish I
    Spanish II, III Honors
    Spanish IV
    AP Spanish Language
    AP Spanish Literature
  • Co-Curriculars

    Speech & Debate
    Mock Trial
    Science Olympiad
    Sports Medicine
    Eagle Business
    The Chaminade Players (Drama)
    Performance Teams (Dance)
    Film Program
    Instrumental Music Performance
    Choral Music Performance
    Theater Tech
    Writers Block
Dorothy Kane
Vice Principal of Academics and Parent/Faculty Concerns

Carolina Gunter
Vice Principal of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology
Jennifer Poole
Vice Principal of Academic Affairs
Mathew Judge
Vice Principal of Faculty and Instruction
Lisa Magorien
Vice Principal of Student Support

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  • We pride ourselves in living out the charism and values

    of what makes our school distinctly Catholic.
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