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Spirit at Chaminade is alive on both campuses. At the middle school level, students are introduced to Marianist Family Spirit through the House System. Each student will be a part of a mixed-grade house working towards a common goal throughout the school year to win the house cup. The high school is home to the infamous Eagles Nest and The Cage, where our athletic programs are given support by screaming proud fans! If you ask any student what sets Chaminade apart from other schools, the answer would be Family Spirit!
Student Activities provides an opportunity for all students to be engaged in campus life. We offer more than 50 different clubs at each campus as well as special monthly activities that every student has the opportunity to participate in. These include social events, spirit rallies, class/house unity events, diversity workshops, guest speaker programs and service projects. We also provide opportunities for students to embrace leadership roles and develop positive character traits, explore their gifts and talents, and create lasting memories and friendships. Our two campuses collaborate to create a seven-year student activities program where all students work together to foster Eagle pride. Student life at Chaminade is best described through the experience of the students themselves.

Will Simqu, ASB President Class of 2019

Student Council not only introduced me to many new friends from all different ages, but it also allowed me to grow personally into the best version of myself I could be at Chaminade.

Abe Eagle, ‘21

The house system helped me to make friends- allowing me to meet people older and younger and create a bond. The excitement at the rallies and competitions helped especially during the transition to high school for it is very similar to the competitive atmosphere at high school rallies.
Middle School

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  • Clubs & Organizations

    Junior Ambassadors
    WEB (Welcome Everybody)
    NJHS (National Junior Honors Society)
    Eagle Council
    Diversity Team

    Special Interest Clubs
    Altar Servers
    Animation Club
    Anime Club
    Clean-Up Club
    Cooking Club
    Creative Writing
    Dungeons and Dragons
    Eagles Arts and Crafts Club
    Eagle Readers
    Fantasy Book Club
    E-Sports Club
    Game Making Club
    Knitting/Crochet Club
    Lego Club
    Mock Trial
    Minecraft Club
    Pokemon Go!
    Soccer Chat
    Rubix Cube Club
    Radio Chaminade
    Women of Color
    Wellness Wednesday Club

    Performing Arts
    Concert Band
    Jazz Band
    Percussion Ensemble
    Rock Band
    Chaminade Players
    Chaminets and Chaminotes
    Liturgical Choir
    Eagle Dance Team
High School

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  • Clubs & Organizations

    Academic, Co-Curricular & Competition
    BiO/Chem Olympiad (Science Fair)
    CSDS (Chaminade Speech & Debate)
    CSF (California Scholarship Federation)
    Mock Trial
    Model United Nations
    NAHS (National Art Honor Society)
    NAHS Design Scholars
    NHS (National Honor Society)
    Robotics (Eagle Engineering)
    Science Bowl
    Sports Medicine
    Sociedad Honoria Hispanica
    JSA (Junior State of America)
    Leadership Clubs
    Blue Crew
    Diversity Team
    L.I.F.E. Team (Living in Faith Experience)
    Link Crew
    Student Council

    Fine Arts
    Aerial Team
    Band (Marching, Jazz, Concert, Guard)
    Chaminade Studios (Film & Photography)
    Concert Choir
    CORE / Song
    Drama (Chaminade Players)
    Service, Justice & Peace Clubs
    Caring Hearts (Children's Hospital)
    Chaminade for a Cure (Cancer Relief)
    Dreams For Children (Supporting Orphans)
    Environmental Eagles
    Heal the Bay - NEW this year!
    Helping PAWS
    Interact Club (Rotary International)
    Key Club
    Material Girls & Boys (Quilting) Club
    My Name My Story (Empathy & Changemaking)
    Reach for the Stars (Special Olympics)
    Red Cross Club
    Nade for the Troops - Revived this year!
    One Sky (Helping Impoverished Children in China) NEW this year!
    UNICEF (United Nations Childrens Fund)
    World Wildlife Fund - Revived this year!
    Special Interest Clubs
    American Sign Language 
    Application Development
    Chess Club
    Computer Programming
    Future Medical Professionals - NEW this year!
    Girls Who Code
    Hospitality & Hotel Management
    League of Extraordinary Gamers
    Lord's Chords
    Literary Magazine "The Quill" 
    R.E.S.T. (Relief of Everyone's Stress & Tension)     NEW this year!
    Sierra Club
    Spiritones (Acapella Club)
    World Languages
    Cultural Clubs
    International Cultural Council 
    African American Culture Club
    Armenian Culute Club
    Chinese Culture Club
    Filipino Barkada Club
    French Culture Club
    Hispanic Culture Club
    Indian Culture Club
    Irish Dance & Culture Club
    Islander Culture Club
    Jewish Cultural Club
    Korean Culture Club - NEW this year!

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  • We pride ourselves in living out the charism and values

    of what makes our school distinctly Catholic.

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