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    College Visits

    Ohio State University - Downstairs Conference Room

    AP Research Parent Meeting

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    College Visits

    Lehigh University - Upstairs Conference Room

    Leadership Assembly

    For students currently participating in SHINE, Eagle Council, NJHS, Diversity, Ambassadors and WEB
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    College Visits

    Texas Christian University - Upstairs Conference Room 
    FIDM - Downstairs Conference Room
    UC Davis - Media Center

    Blue Crew Training Event

  2. 10

    College Visits

    University of San Francisco - Upstairs Conference Room
    University of Dayton - Downstairs Conference Room
    Savannah College of Art and Design - Bob Hope Center
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    6th Grade Retreat

    College Visits

    Occidental College - Library
    Pennsylvania State University - Downstairs Conference Room
    Syracuse University - Upstairs Conference Room
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    6th Grade Retreat

    Gala Welcome & Kick-Off

    Welcome and kick-off meeting for parents interested in volunteering with the Gala.

    College Visits

    University of Chicago - Downstairs Conference Room
    Colgate University - Library
    Villanova University - Upstairs Conference Room
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    Service Saturday

    Students and parents may sign-up to participate in a number of service events organized through Campus Ministry.
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    LIFE Mass

  2. 16

    College Visits

    Harvey Mudd College - Downstairs Conference Room
    University of Michigan - Library
    Seattle University - Upstairs Conference Room
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    College Visits

    Boston University - Upstairs Conference Room
    Uniersity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Downstairs Conference Room
    Westmont College - Bob Hope Center

    A Place at the Table

  4. 18

    Faith Sharing

    College Visits

    Albion College - Bob Hope Center
    Texas Tech University - Bob Hope Center
    New York University - Upstairs Conference Room
  5. 19

    WEB Lunch

    College Visits

    American University - Upstairs Conference Room 
    Denison University - Bob Hope Center
    DePaul University - Bob Hope Center
  6. 20

    Diversity Team Workshop

    College Visit

    Gonzaga University - Upstairs Conference Room
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    College Visits

    Bucknell University - Downstairs Conference Room
    Drexel University - Bob Hope Center
    Purdue University - Upstairs Conference Room
  3. 24

    New Parent Check-in

    College Visits

    Babson College - Bob Hope Center
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - Bob Hope Center
    Boston College - Upstairs Conference Room
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    Freshman Retreat Day

    Guest Speaker: #icanhelp

    College Visits

    California Institute of the Arts - Upstairs Conference Room
    University of Washington - Library

    Culture Club Mixer

    Parent Guest Speaker: #icanhelp

    Join guest speaker, Kim Karr, from #icanhelp to learn about teens and social media use. Come away with strategies for encouraging your students to use social media for positive communications, address concerns with the help of trusted adults, and monitor their digital footprints. 

    RSVP in the CTW 
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    Freshman Retreat Day

    College Visits

    Unviersity of Connecticut - Upstairs Conference Room
    Lewis & Clark College - Bob Hope Center
    University of Redlands - Bob Hope Center
    Loyola University Chicago - Downstairs Conference Room

    House Mentor Meeting

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    High School & Coffee

    High School and Coffee # 1

    For Chaminade Middle School 8th Grade Parents.  

    Location:  Oak Room, Chatsworth Campus

    College Visits

    Bentley University - Downstairs Conference Room 
    The Caltholic University of America - Bob Hope Center
    Sacred Heart University - Bob Hope Center
    Rider University - Upstairs Conference Room

    NJHS Workshop

    All current NJHS members will attend this mandatory workshop.
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    Saturday Detention

    Mother-Son Game Night

    Please RSVP by September 21 using the link provided in the CTW.
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    College Visits

    University of Miami - Upstairs Conference Room 
    Pepperdine University - Library
    St. Edward's University - Bob Hope Center

    High School Articulation Dinner

    For Middle School Principals and 8th Grade Teachers

    HS Articulation Dinner

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