Characteristics of a Marianist Education

Chaminade College Preparatory prides itself in its mission and identity as a Catholic School in the Marianist Tradition which prepares students to love, learn and lead through a seven-year educational experience.
The Characteristics of Marianist Education (CMEs) are a contemporary expression of the Marianist charism: To be formed by Mary for the mission of Christ. To further the charism, our Marianist educators embrace their work as ministry and animate the CMEs in the school community. Marianist educators serve the Church by evangelizing, working to transform the world and its people, inviting them to a deeper following of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Alert to the signs of the times and faithful to Marianist traditions, Marianist educators consider themselves in a permanent state of mission, forming students and communities in a lived faith that is expressed in service and responsive to the needs of the times. With this state of mission, Marianist educators aim to sow, cultivate, and bring to fruition the Christian spirit in the school community. For this reason, Chaminade College Preparatory strives to:

Educate for Formation in Faith
Chaminade students are educated in the Roman Catholic faith and its intellectual tradition which is grounded in both faith and reason. Through the Christian moral values that Chaminade works to instill, students are devoted to ongoing personal faith and character development in their academic classes, extra-curriculars, retreats, liturgies and Apostolic Works Service Learning Program. They are committed to understanding and respecting religious differences and what is distinctive about their own religious faith tradition. Students discover God’s love and look to Mary as a model of faithful discipleship.

Provide an Integral, Quality Education
Blessed Chaminade said, “The essential is the interior.” To strengthen their interior spirit and self-knowledge, Chaminade students learn to nurture habits of silence and reflection to understand the interconnectedness of their academics, gifts and talents. They are capable of critical thinking and apply this critical thinking to the dialogue between faith and culture as it will apply to their lives in the future. Chaminade students are taught the value of writing and public speaking in order build upon their gifts and talents to become servant leaders.

Educate in Family Spirit
Within an educational community characterized by a family setting of hospitality, openness, respect, integrity and dialogue, students develop their spiritual and academic growth. Marianist educators model faith, love and concern, in a family spirit setting, which helps students to know and appreciate the centrality of Jesus in all relationships. Chaminade students develop balanced interpersonal relationships and successfully maintain those relationships. They understand the importance of community and have skill in “staying at the table” when community life is strained by conflict.

Educate for Service, Justice, and Peace
Chaminade students exemplify Catholic, Marianist values of compassion, tolerance, justice, peace and respect for the dignity of human life and all creation. They learn to become contributing citizens of our world who are informed about social issues and are committed to addressing and resolving injustices in order to improve quality of life for all. These values help students to work with each other to evaluate alternatives and make positive changes for the common good of society.

Educate for Adaptation and Change
Chaminade students develop their critical thinking skills in the search for truth and in recognition of the importance of lifelong learning. They learn how to “read the signs of the times” and develop the ability to critically evaluate change and refine leadership skills in an effort to create positive changes in society through reflection and discernment. Students are challenged to emulate Mary and see the openness of the future and follow her counsel to “Do whatever he tells you,” and be available to God.

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  • We pride ourselves in living out the charism and values

    of what makes our school distinctly Catholic.

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