Family Portal Help

The Family Portal is behind a secure login to ensure the security of your information. Registered families can visit the Family Portal at any time by clicking on the icon to log in:

If you are using a PC:
located at the top right of the Chaminade homepage.

If you are using a Phone:
located at the top left of the Chaminade homepage.
Then scroll down and click "Login".

Important: Google or Apple Login Issues

When you first create a new account, you have the option of using your Google or Apple account to log in. Once this has been set up, you no longer type in a password. You must make sure you are logged into Google or Apple, then when logging into the Chaminade site, click on Continue with Google or Continue with Apple as shown below:

If you are still having issues, please fill out the form below:
Help Form
Please fill out the form below and the webmaster will get back to you as soon as possible.
Forgotten your password?
If you have forgotten your password to a non-Google or Apple account (see previous section) please click here to reset it: 

Student Schedules
Please click here for how to check student schedules.   
Exporting the school calendar
Please follow the guides on this page to export the Chaminade school calendar into Google or another calendar of your choice.

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