Counseling Services

All students at Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School have access to the services offered by the Counseling Department. They are seen in groups or individually at least once a year.  At registration parents give written consent for their child to participate in the counseling program.  The department is not disciplinary in nature and seeks to provide academic counseling as well as parent education, parent, student and teacher support.

Counseling is intended to offer safety and support for those students who find themselves faced with difficulties, minor or major, which keep them from succeeding as they would like.  Grade level counselors offer on-campus services for students who might be experiencing difficulties with behavior, social problems, family issues, or academics including special needs, learning disabilities, and adjustment to school in general. See Counseling Student Referrals for information on how students are referred to the counseling programs.

Chaminade is committed to accommodating students with special needs in accordance with our Special Needs Policy. To implement this policy the counseling department offers extended-time testing for standardized tests as well as Fall and Spring Semester Final exams.  This accommodation is available upon written request of the parent accompanied by documentation from an outside professional.

Counselors attend all faculty team meetings of their grade level(s), which occur every two weeks. During the meetings, counselors gather information and possible concerns from teachers, share updates and create action plans which involve students and their families.  Each counselor acts as a liaison between teachers and families by offering ideas and solutions to meet the individual needs of each child in their educational and developmental process.  Counselors provide consultation and collaboration with teachers regarding individual students about whom they may be concerned. In addition, the counselor provides helpful techniques for teachers of students with special needs.

On a daily basis there is always coverage in the counseling offices.


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