Middle School Grading Information 

Report cards are given each quarter of the school year. The first and third quarter are considered midterm or progress reports and are not final grades. Second and fourth quarters mark the end of each semester and as such the grades that are earned are final and part of each student’s permanent school record.

Grading Descriptions
Grades should be considered an indication of student accomplishment in each subject matter. They do not necessarily reveal potential or capability. The following are basic definitions of each grade:

Grade “A”
Indicates quality work, which is outstandingly superior to that of other students. Those who receive the “A” grade should not only complete all assignments, but also show enthusiasm in the subject area and exhibit the ability to analyze and apply principles learned.

Grade “B”
Indicates high quality work and mastery of the subject. This grade reflects above-average achievement and some ability to analyze and apply principles. The “B” grade is considered a recommending grade for colleges and universities.

Grade “C”
Indicates that the work of the class has been done in an acceptable manner and that the student secured a satisfactory knowledge of the material of the course. The student has not, however, gone beyond the expected assignment but has done the minimum amount required.

Grade “D”
Indicates below average accomplishment and/or grasp of the subject matter. A student who earns a “D” grade has done only the minimum amount, has been somewhat negligent in turning in assignments, and/or has not done well in examinations and quizzes.

Grade “F”
Indicates that the quality and/or quantity of work is so far below what is expected of the class that it cannot be considered adequate for the granting of credit.

The weights of these letter grades are used as one factor in determining students’ grade point averages. The number of meeting times per cycle and thus the amount of credit given the course must also be factored into the equation. Most classes (core classes and exploratory classes) meet three days one week and two days the other week and receive five credits per semester. Thus, to determine GPA, the products of the weight of each grade and the amount of credit for the course, are added together and divided by the total number of credits for the semester. Grade point averages are established and printed at the end of each semester, January and June.


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