Chaminade College Preparatory is a Catholic Educational Institution based upon the Marianist philosophy of education.

The Catholic School
The Second Vatican Council discusses the Catholic school in the following way: "What makes the Catholic school distinctive is its attempt to generate a community climate in the school that is permeated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and love... It tries to relate all of human culture to the good news of salvation so that the light of faith will illumine everything that the student will gradually come to learn about the world, about life, and about the human person."

The Council, therefore, declared that what makes the Catholic school distinctive is its religious dimension and that this is to be found in a) the educational climate, b) the personal development of each student, c) the relationship established between culture and the Gospel, and d) the illumination of all knowledge with the light of faith.

The Marianist School
As a Marianist school, Chaminade receives its mandate to "go and teach all nations" in imitation of Jesus, Who is the expression of God's continuing love of His people. Like Father Chaminade, the founder of the Society of Mary (the Marianists), Chaminade seeks inspiration from Mary, the mother of Jesus, who embodies all the attitudes of the Gospel. Like Father Chaminade, Chaminade College Preparatory has committed itself to assisting Mary in the mission of encouraging people to become more like her son, Jesus. Chaminade continues to seek to revitalize Christian values in society and considers the education of youth as its primary means of formation in these values and in faith.

Community Life and Family Spirit
Central to Father Chaminade's means of imparting these Christian values was the development of community life in the spirit of the Gospel and the practice of the early Church. The essential purpose of the Marianist school is to provide an educational experience with a Christian and Marianist philosophy, taking students from where they are and leading them to their full potential as human beings.

Chaminade actively seeks the involvement of all members of the Chaminade family to participate in its mission. Those who share in the Marianist mission have: 1) a strong sense of community; 2) a family spirit manifesting itself with openness, empathy, acceptance, self-sacrifice, kindness, interest in others, understanding, reconciliation and self-discipline; and 3) a desire to serve others individually and communally.

The Board of Directors, administration, faculty, parents, students, and alumni are all involved in creating an atmosphere where Christian family values are fostered. The more the members of this educational community collaborate among themselves, the more fruitful their work will be. Achieving the educational aims of the school should be an equal priority for teachers, students, and families alike, each one according to his or her own role, always in the Gospel spirit of freedom and love. It is important, therefore, that channels of communication remain open with all members of the school community.

Since we believe the family to be the first and most important unit of education, we actively seek to imitate that family spirit as the best atmosphere in which to develop in our students our Catholic, Marianist, and educational philosophy. Everyone directly involved in the school is part of the school community: teachers, administrators, and staff. Parents are central figures, since they are the natural and irreplaceable agents in the education of their children. And the community also includes the students, since they must be active agents in their own education.

The faculty, as individuals and as a community, of a Marianist school, take on the responsibility of creating this unique Christian climate. The faculty exemplify the living and dynamic Christian community which contributes to the growth and development of the young people. They respect all members of the school family, are concerned with their own spiritual and professional growth, and endeavor to help students reach their full potential. The faculty is, therefore, concerned with the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and physical dimensions of life.

Educational Values
Chaminade promotes Christian values through its academic program geared to the college bound student. Through its co-curricular and extra-curricular activities program, Chaminade affords students the opportunity for involvement in the life of the school and offers them the freedom to develop their leadership skills and cultivate their sense of responsibility.

The athletic program of Chaminade seeks to develop the physical skills and talents of those students who choose to participate in that aspect of school life. Chaminade's program provides the opportunity for students to develop an awareness and openness to people of a variety of cultural backgrounds, and an appreciation and awareness of Christian values.

As a Catholic school, Chaminade strives to make its students sensitive to and responsive to the call of the Church for peace, justice, freedom, and progress for all peoples. Students who are sensitive to the religious dimension of life realize that the will of God is found in the work and the human relationships of each day. The educational process, then, is a human experience with a religious dimension and is a genuine Christian journey toward perfection.

As a Catholic, Marianist Educational Institution, Chaminade College Preparatory shares in the mission of the universal church and cooperates with the local church as represented by the Archbishop, who is shepherd and teacher of the diocese. Chaminade exercises its Marianist charisma of leading others to Jesus through Mary by means of its educational program based in a family/community setting. It is in this context that we follow Mary's invitation to "do whatever He tells you."



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