Insignia & Emblem

The Chaminade Seal

The School’s seal, a shield, symbolizes the strength and protection of the Chaminade experience as it strives to form morally aware and academically capable people to be outstanding contributors to the future. 

The Chaminade emblem (logo) marks the establishment of a visual communications program designed to establish a uniform identification for the school.

Chaminade teams are called The Eagles. The motto of the school is "Per Matrem ad Filium" -- Through the Mother to the Son. The school colors are Orange and Navy Blue.


The cross and letter “M” in a field of white stand for the central role the Marianists hold in the Chaminade’s Catholic identity, philosophy, and fundamental values of Christian faith.

Chevrons of blue and orange illustrate the school colors: the blue represents truth and loyalty while orange stands for worthy ambition.  

The open book represents both education and scripture while the eagle, Chaminade’s mascot, stands for our school community that strives to be noble, strong and brave. 

The year 1952, is Chaminade’s founding year, when it was established in Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles.

Encircling and completing the seal is our outward identity, Chaminade College Preparatory.


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Middle School Campus

10210 Oakdale Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone: 818-363-8127

High School Campus

7500 Chaminade Avenue
West Hills, CA 91304
Phone: 818-347-8300