Tips On Using Your Lenovo Tablet PC

Your Tablet PC has all the features of a laptop/notebook computer. In addition you can use the stylus (pen) to enter handwriting in most of the applications. This process is called "inking".

You can use the stylus to make selections on the screen the same way you use a mouse. You can point, click, double click, drag and drop, and right click. It takes a bit of practice to get familiar with the use of the stylus.

The top of the stylus can also be used as an eraser to erase your inking. Be aware that not all applications support this feature. An icon of an eraser is always present when you are using inking tools.

In the Control Panel of your tablet you will find the Pen and Input Devices icon that allows you to customize your stylus functions and also learn about "pen flicks" (pen gestures that allow you to move up/down and back/forth with a quick stylus gesture).

Every tablet has tutorials preinstalled that are highly recommended. You can find the tutorials folder under the Start button (bottom left of your screen), All Programs, Tablet PC. You can always press the F1 key for the Help menu to appear.

You can use handwriting in all Office 2007 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). For example, while in Word 2007, tap to open the Review tab. At the far right there is a Start Inking button. Tap on it and you will be presented with the Pens tab tool options.

While presenting in PowerPoint 2007, you can "right click" on your presentation (press and hold the rectangular gray button on your stylus while taping the screen) and then you will be presented with the "right click" menu options. One of the options is Pointer Options where you will find inking tools for your stylus. This way you can add comments, highlights, etc. on your presentation while presenting. At the end of your presentation you will be able to chose if you want to save your inking or not.

In Outlook you can handwrite an email by starting a New email and then picking the Start Inking tools from the far right of the menu options. Make sure that your cursor is in the body of the text of the email in order for this menu option to be active. In order to enter the To... and Subject: fields you will need to use the Tablet PC Input Panel that is always available but hidden at the left of your screen. You always see a bit of the panel's border at the left of your screen. If you hover your stylus over it, the rest of the Tablet Input Panel will appear.

In the Tablet PC Input Panel you can enter text in three ways: Writing Pad (free hand), Character Pad (automatic conversion of your handwriting to text), and On-Screen Keyboard. Using the Tablet PC Input Panel you can enter text using your stylus in any field such as an address in your browser, a password and login name, etc. A small icon of the Tablet PC Input Panel also appears if you tap your stylus on any field that expects your input. Tap on the icon and the entire Tablet PC Input Panel will appear.

All Tablets come with OneNote, Windows Journal and Sticky Notes. All these applications are pen enabled and allow you to enter your handwriting with the option to turn it into text at any time. You might want to spend some time using these applications to become familiar with the possibilities. OneNote is especially a powerful application that allows you to organize your work into multi-tabbed notebooks combing resources of all types such as, handwriting, text, images, photos, video, sound, external links, document links, etc.

Your Lenovo Tablet comes with a Track Point (red tip) that is located in the middle of your keyboard. This Track Point works like a mouse pad. You can enable the Track Point to recognize click/double click functions. Go to the Control Panel, open the Mouse icon, click on the Track Point tab and check the Enable Press-to-Select check box. In the same place you can also increase the Track Point sensitivity (I have mine all the way up to Light Touch).


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