Accessing Your Chaminade Student Email

All email addresses assigned to Chaminade students consists of the student’s username followed by For example, John Bob Smith graduating in 2012 may have JBSmith12 as his username. His email address will be

The username and password required to access your email are the same you use to log into your tablet.

In order to access your Chaminade student email, visit the Office Outlook Web Access website at This web site is publicly accessible from any computer with internet access. However, external computers may receive an “Invalid certificate warning” that should be ignored and continue to the website.

The Office Outlook Web Access website requires a username and password.

a. For username, type in academic\username, where username is the same as the username you use to log into your tablet.
b. For password, type in the password you use to log into your tablet.

For optimum functionality, we recommend the use of Internet Explorer when browsing your Chaminade email. Other browsers, like Chrome, are able to access the email, but offer limited functionality.

Cell Phone Access

If your cell phone has the ability to access Microsoft Exchange email servers, you may be able to access your Chaminade email from your cell phone. Each cell phone provider and model vary but the following settings will remain constant. If you need assistance, please contact your cell phone provider. Chaminade cannot provide support for issues related to your cell phone accessing Chaminade resources and services.

Server name: Username: {Your Chaminade Login Username} Password: {Your Chaminade Login Password} Domain: ACADEMIC

If you are asked to install a certificate, simply "Accept" the certificate.


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