How to Install a Printer to Your Tablet PC

If you have problems installing a printer driver to your tablet, please bring your tablet to our Laptop Hospital and we will install the printer driver for you. Please make sure that you know the manufacturer and the exact model of your printer.

Chaminade's administration thought very carefully the configuration of these tablets to ensure maximum educational benefit to our students, while minimizing the possibility of intentional or unintentional damage.

We have spent considerable time researching the possibility of giving the students local administrative rights to the tablet, or at least giving them enough rights to be able to install printer drivers.

Unfortunately Microsoft Vista does not allow the installation of any type of driver without total local admin rights. If your printer driver is part of the original Vista installation, then there should be no problem connecting and printing to your printer because the driver is already installed. If your printer is newer and is not part of the original Vista installation, then we will need to install the printer driver for you. 

The possibility of giving students any type of local admin rights is not advisable because the students can very easily render their tablets inoperable by a variety of actions (intentional or unintentional). That will cost the student lost use time, and lots of repair work for our technical staff.

Another suggestion is to use a USB drive to copy the files from the tablet and then use the USB drive on the computer that is currently connected to your printer and print from there. We can provide you with a USB drive at the Laptop Hospital. 

An important goal that permeated the designing of the One-to-One Student Tablet PC Program was the reduction of the printed copy. Our students have many options of sharing files electronically with their teachers and fellow students. They can save on Blackboard and DyKnow, they can use their Chaminade email accounts ( to email and receive electronic files, etc. Environmental considerations and stewardship of our planet is part of our school’s curriculum and our students appreciate it.


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