Automatic Software Installations

Automatic software update installations on your tablet (Push Installations)

Please be aware that periodically we install newer version of software on your tablets. Installation of these new releases will take place automatically when you are connected to our network. Here is what you need to know:

The updates will only be installed (pushed) to your computer when you start your machine from a full power down. It will not work correctly if you are simply coming out of Sleep or Hibernation Modes. Turn on your computer to begin the process which will occur before you see the logon screen. Once the update program has been installed, your computer should re-start itself. After it does so, you may logon as usual.

If you do not experience a re-start, please logon to the computer. Once the desktop appears and the mouse pointer has returned to normal, manually re-start the PC and then logon as usual.

Please contact the Laptop Hospital if you experience any issues with the program after the upgrade.


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