Coach Communication

The entire athletic staff is encouraged to keep the lines of communication open with our athletes and their families.  It is our intent to supply you with all of the essential information that you will need to manage your commitment to athletics successfully.  Many times parents have many questions and concerns that they feel the need to discuss with their student athlete’s coaches.  Chaminade makes every effort to hire the best possible leaders for its athletic programs.  Our coaches are professionals; they make judgment decisions based on what is best for the entire team taking into account every member of the team.  This is not an easy task and sometimes people feel poorly about their role on a team.  These men and women work extremely hard for little or sometimes no financial benefit, they do it because they love working with kids and realize the positive benefit of participation in interscholastic athletics.  The following are some guidelines and policies to help facilitate the most productive and efficient communication with your students’ coaches.

Parents are encouraged to discuss:

  • The treatment of their student
  • Ways to help their student improve
  • Concerns regarding their student’s behavior
  • Coaches philosophy
  • Coaches expectations and role for their student and the team
  • Team rules and policies
  • Disciplinary action incurred by their child
  • Ways in which they can help the team (team parent scorekeeping)
  • Their students progress


Parents are not encouraged to discuss:

  • Placement on teams
  • Playing time
  • Coaching strategies used during practice or contests
  • Other student athletes
  • Problems with other coaches/teachers


Communication with coaches is most productive when an appointment can be made to sit down and talk about the issue in private.  Parents should never try to talk to a coach before or after a contest on a game day.  This the most intense and emotional time for all parties involved and is not the time or the place for a meeting about specific issues with your student athlete.  Please respect the coaches and the need for them to be focused on the task at hand.  Give them a call after your child has gone to them with the issue and you feel there is no acceptable resolution.  This is how it works in the real world and that is exactly what we are trying to prepare your student athlete for.


Communication Procedure

If a problem should arise please make every effort to follow the following steps for a productive resolution.

  • Student athlete approaches the coach with problem or issue
  • If a resolution can not be reached the parent should contact the coach and arrange for a meeting
  • In the rare instance that there is still  no resolution the parent should contact the Athletic Director and arrange for a meeting with the student athlete, parents, coach and Athletic Director
  • If after this meeting the problem continues to exist the Athletic Director will forward the issue to the Principal for advisement and a possible meeting with all parties involved.    

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