“Mary’s apostolic mission is to form all persons into the most perfect conformity with the God-Man Christ, her Son.”
-Blessed William Joseph Chaminade



The Office of Mission Integration & Ministry is responsible for programs that promotes our Catholic identity and furthers the Marianist charism.  With a collaborative spirit, the Office seeks to develop and sustain authentic communities through its programs on each of our campuses. 


Continued Education & Formation

The purpose of our Continued Education and Formation (CEF) Program is to provide our Marianist Educators with opportunities to deepen their understanding of and their commitment to the traditions and beliefs that make Chaminade College Preparatory a Catholic-Marianist institution. 

The primary objectives of the CEF program is to help our educators: 

  1. Understand and integrate the Characteristics of Marianist Education into their role at Chaminade College Preparatory.
  2. Form a culture that animates and empowers our community to live in family spirit and cultivate aptitude, faith, and justice. 
  3. Grow in their relationship with Mary and model her qualities to be at the service of others. 


Sodality System

In Fr. Chaminade’s understanding, mission was not a solitary task.  It involved a “discipleship of equals” which is the phrase used to represent the collaborative nature of the Marianist charism. Fr. Chaminade believed that the most effective way to enact mission was to gather people together in relational groups called sodalities that are marked by openness, cooperation, mutuality, collegiality, and a sense of service. 

The Sodality System at Chaminade College Preparatory engages our Marianist educators to pray, dialogue, discern, and make decisions on initiatives that serve our mission.  All Marianist educators are placed in sodalities in order to:

  • Build community through active collaboration, dialogue, consultation, and discernment.
  • Contribute to decision-making processes that affect our mission.
  • Grow in faith and experience God’s love in each other.  


Marianist LIFE Team

Marianist LIFE (Living In Faith Experience) is a national faith formation program for high school students rooted in Catholic and Marianist tradition. Based on the founder’s vision for building a community of communities to change the world, Marianist LIFE provides Marianist and non-Marianist institutions opportunities for communities of faith to form, grow, and flourish.

Since 1970, Marianist LIFE communities have developed in many parishes and high schools. There are approximately 40 institutions actively involved with Marianist LIFE in 10 states, Puerto Rico and Ireland.

The purpose of Marianist LIFE at Chaminade College Preparatory is to continue Blessed William Joseph Chaminade’s mission of building small communities of faith on campus.  Chaminade’s LIFE Team does this by inviting students to participate in Marianist LIFE Community gatherings, celebrating Sunday LIFE Masses, leading school wide prayer services, assisting Campus Ministry with campus Masses, promoting monthly public displays of faith, running Catholic Schools/Marianist Heritage Week events, and leading our Campus Ministry retreats.      


Respect Life Week

As a Catholic School in the Marianist Tradition, we form our students in the Gospel valuesof Jesus Christ (love, compassion, service, dignity, courage, faith, etc).  With these values, we honor the gift of human life and seek to understand our responsibility to protect the dignity of all people from conception to natural death and help build a culture of life, justice, and peace.

Every year in October we join our local Church in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to celebrate Respect Life.  Students study the seven Catholic Social Teaching themes:

  • Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  • Call to Family, Community, and Participation
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  • The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
  • Solidarity
  • Care for God’s Creation

These seven themes are incorporated into our academic curriculum because the Church’s social teaching is a rich treasure of wisdom about building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society.  This allows our students to consider the various arenas that encompass life in society, including the political, economic, social, and cultural.  It sets about naming the realities confronting persons and societies at a given point in time, highlighting the benefits and dangers those realities present to full human flourishing, and critiquing those realities and developments from the point of view of the values and moral vision of the Catholic faith.    


Founders Day

Founders Day was established in 1999 as a celebration to honor individuals who, through their work as either staff or volunteers, have made significant contributions to Chaminade College Preparatory. 

Bringing both of our campuses together, Chaminade  College Preparatory celebrates a Founders Day Mass to reflect on Fr. Chaminade’s inspirational passage from the Wedding of Cana:  “Do Whatever He Tells You.”  This passage resonated in Fr. Chaminade’s life which led him to making an alliance with the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray through the truths of faith and act on them.  For Fr. Chaminade, faith is to be transformative- a faith that moves to apostolic service and a faith that works for the transformation of our world. 

It is for this reason that we honor individuals at our Founders Day Mass who have made significant contributions to Chaminade College Preparatory and continue to follow the Marianist motto: “Do Whatever He Tells You.”   


Marianist Heritage/Catholic Schools Week

Chaminade College Preparatory celebrates its annual Marianist Heritage/Catholic Schools Week to commermorate the Marianist charism that was inspired by Blessed William Joseph Chaminade: To be formed by Mary for the mission of Christ.  A kick-off Mass is celebrated to open our annual event and give meaning to our heritage as a Catholic-Marianist school.  Both campuses join forces to celebrate themed days and activities that are focused on the Characteristics of Marianist Education. 

To build up our sense of Family Spirit, our campuses assemble our community for a “faith rally” to show our spirit of faith in Jesus Christ and Mary.  Faith-based contests and class chants rally up our students to show their spirit of faith. 

During our annual event, our Marianist educators are given a spotlight.  This is a time in which our educators are thanked for their service and ministry to Chaminade.  The Office of Mission Integration and Ministry provides a luncheon for all of our educators and honors two individuals who have been voted by their colleagues to be the recipients of the Blessed William Joseph Chaminade Award.  This award is given to an educator who lives out the Characteristics of Marianist Education in and outside of the classroom experience and demonstrates a passion for the Marianist charism. 

Click on each campus to view the scheduled events and themed dress days for 2018:

Office of Sponsorship- Marianist Visitation Program

The purpose of the Marianist Visitation Program is to identify ways in which Chaminade College Preparatory exemplifies Marianist Education, a condition of continued sponsorship by the Marianist Province of the United States.  As such, a Team Visit and the reports and conversations emanating from it have an important role in the Province and the school together deciding to continue the sponsorship relationship.  The Office of Mission Integration & Ministry is responsible for preparing all of the documents and gathering of evidence in preparation for the visit.      



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