Apostolic Works Hours Due:

9th – 11th grade - By Friday, May 3, 2019

Seniors – By: Monday, April 15, 2019


High School Campus Ministry

High School Campus Ministry builds upon the foundation set in Middle School to continue to foster each student’s own faith life through the Catholic-Marianist Tradition.  Drawing upon the Five Pillars of the Marianist Charism, Campus Ministry strives to help form students to become: 

  1. People of Faith- as spiritual individuals, Mariainst carry out God’s will in service to others. Our gospel-based faith calls us to follow the example of Mary and be thoughtful, active, growing, joyful, life-giving, and transformational while building on tradition and engaging the mind and heart.

  2. Leaders in Mission- The Mariainist Mission is to bring Christ to the world. Marianists are committed to the poor and marginalized, they work toward the greater good, understand times, educate for life, proclaim the gospel and develop agents of change.

  3. Followers of Mary- Marianists view Mary as the model of love, empathy and discipleship. Just as Mary gave birth to Jesus, Marianists seek to bring the presence of Jesus to life within themselves following the example of Mary as the nurturer of life.

  4. People of Community- Marianists believe that living, praying and supporting one another in community enriches their faith and strengthens their ability to meet world challenges; especially problems associated with poverty and ignorance.

  5. People of Inclusivity- Marianists are open to all - men, women, lay, religious - as partners on the journey. Through solidarity with others, it is the Marianist Mission to work towards a common unity by welcoming all and respecting each other’s differences. 

Our goal is to help students not only mature in their faith lives, but to live out their love for God and the Marianist mission of bringing Jesus to the world. 

Shawna Sedik                         Director of Campus Ministry 

Amanda Wolff                          Assistant Director of Campus Ministry / Director of Retreats / LIFE Team Moderator

Joe Melendrez                         Assistant Director of Campus Ministry 

Yesmin Wall                             Campus Ministry Office Manager

Fr. Ted Ley, SM                        Chaplain 

Fr. Joseph Raj Rymond, SM    Chaplain 

Danielle Duckett                      "Lords Chords" Liturgical Music Coordinator 

Janet Svolos                            LIFE Team Co-Moderator 


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