Summer Apostolic Works

There is no pre-approval needed for Apostolic Works served during the summer, provided the site is a non-profit organization and the type of service given applies to the grade level theme for the upcoming school year.  Please print out the Summer Verification Form that will need to be signed for your records.

Be sure to double check that the service you intend to use for your Apostolic Works expectation aligns with the theme/objective for your particular Grade Level Theme (see below).  Please pay special attention to 11th Grade DEUS and 12th Grade Magnificat Hours, which are expected to be DIRECT SERVICE.

Please be aware that since we have integrated our Apostolic Works into the Religion curriculum, students can receive credit for up to half of the year's requirement (7.5 hours for 9th/10th Grade, 10 hours for 11th Grade, and 12.5 hours for 12th Grade - Hours Option) during the summer; that would mean that students would still need to serve the remaining hours during the upcoming school year.  

NOTE:  Students MUST log in their service to x2VOL for any hours served in the summer, just as they would during the school year.  If your Apostolic Works site will electronically verify, please do so, but if not, please use the Verification Form below and submit to Campus Ministry as soon as you return to school.  The deadline for claiming summer hours is September 30.


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