Health and Safety
Dear Chaminade Family,
We are now five weeks into the school year and want to update you on our current COVID-19 protocols.
As previously mentioned, Chaminade’s goal is to maximize the student experience by keeping school open, while protecting the health of everyone on campus and avoiding a COVID-19 outbreak. This goal is why the Compliance Team decided to implement extra layers of protection in an effort to lower the risk of transmitting COVID-19, as stated in our joint communication sent on August 13, 2021. These extra layers include outdoor masking; a weekly COVID-19 testing program; collecting documentation of full vaccination status; and procedures for curriculum delivery to quarantined students. For a complete list of our safety measures, please click here.
Since the implementation of these additional layers of protection, we have not discovered any positive cases as a result of our weekly COVID-19 testing program. This result is an indication that our extra efforts are contributing factors in helping us keep our Chaminade community safe and our school open. As such, we will continue to require these additional layers for the time being. We will again review our mitigation strategies and provide an update in two weeks.
Click here to access the current Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) policies and actions steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at schools.
Chaminade’s goal is to continue providing our students with a safe in-person educational experience, and our employees with a safe onsite work environment. This can only be achieved through the vigilance and cooperation of our entire school community, both on-campus and when offsite.
Thank you for your support and partnership as we continue to respond to a rapidly changing situation.
God bless,
Robert S. Webb, P’18, P’20
Mike Valentine
Middle School Principal
Luis R. Guerra
High School Principal

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