The Chaminade Parents’ Association was founded over 30 years ago by a group of Chaminade parents. 
The Parents’ Association plays a vital role on both of the school campus’.
Volunteering opportunities:

  • (MS/HS) Used Uniform committee
  • (MS/HS) Homecoming Food Fest committee
  • MS/HS) Teacher Appreciation Week committee 
  • (MS/HS) Volunteer Mixer committee
  • (MS) Winter Wonderland-Daughter/Father Significant Mentor 
  • (MS) Game Night-Son/Mother Significant Mentor  
For more information about volunteering for one of the many Parents’ Association committees, please email Vicki Raven at
The purpose of the Parents’ Association:
  • To promote and foster a spirit of fellowship and family spirit among the parents of Chaminade.  Family Spirit is characterized by hospitality, openness, respect and belonging.
  • To further Chaminade’s Marianist heritage by encouraging and enhancing parent engagement through sponsorship of annual social events and service projects (i.e. Used Uniform Sales, Winter Wonderland, Game Night, and Teacher Appreciation Week).
  • To promote a strong sense of community in partnership with Chaminade and the Office of Advancement by participating in appropriate events (i.e. Volunteer Mixers).
  • To support student organizations by sponsoring events and activities that enrich student life and experiences (i.e. Homecoming Food Fest,  Chaminade Family Spirit Scholarships).
  • To encourage the Chaminade school tradition of two campuses, one school.
The Association’s members are the parents or guardians of currently enrolled Chaminade College Preparatory (CCP) students or parents of Chaminade Alumni.

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  • We pride ourselves in living out the charism and values

    of what makes our school distinctly Catholic.

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