Chaminade inspires young people to love, learn, and lead through our Catholic and Marianist traditions of a living faith, academic excellence, and moral responsibility. Your support will help us continue our mission into the future.

Determining the right gift is just as important as making the gift. There are many options in your estate planning from which you can choose. A sound estate plan, which includes a planned giving provision, can provide income as well as tax advantages.

Eagle Heritage Society Benefits
Chaminade established the Eagle Heritage Society to honor and recognize those donors who have included Chaminade in their estate plans.

• Annual Recognition in Chaminade’s Honor Roll of Donors
• Invitations to exclusive donor events
Include Chaminade in your will or living trust. A bequest is a simple, flexible and versatile way to ensure Chaminade can continue its mission for years to come. Bequests will cost you nothing in your lifetime. This gift can include cash, securities, real estate, tangible properties, or a percentage of your estate.

You control your assets during your lifetime. If circumstances change, you may modify your gift.
  • You may make your bequest unrestricted or direct it to a specific purpose (please contact Advancement staff to make sure your gift can be used as intended).

  • Under the current tax law, there is no upper limit on the estate tax deduction for your charitable bequest.
Sample Bequest Language for Your Will or Trust
I give [INSERT DOLLAR AMOUNT, PERCENTAGE OF ESTATE, PERCENTAGE OF RESIDUE OF ESTATE, OR DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY], to Chaminade College Preparatory, 10210 Oakdale Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311, Tax ID 95-1744353, to be used for [INSERT GENERAL PURPOSES OR NAME OF CHAMINADE PROGRAM]. If circumstances arise in the future that, in the judgment of Chaminade College Preparatory, make the purpose of the gift impossible or impractical, then Chaminade College Preparatory will modify the gift to appropriately recognize my interests in coordination with school priorities.

Retirement Plan Assets

Make a gift while leaving more of your estate to your heirs. Name Chaminade as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan. 

  • You may continue to take regular withdrawals

  • If your family’s needs change you maintain flexibility to change beneficiaries

  • Retirement plans may be heavily taxed if left to anyone other than the legally recognized spouse. Naming Chaminade as a beneficiary can help avoid both the estate tax and income tax due on these tax deferred plans of you distributed them to your heirs. 
Qualified Charitable Distribution

An otherwise taxable distribution from an IRA (other than an ongoing SEP or SIMPLE IRA) owned by an individual who is age 70½ or over that is paid directly from the IRA to a qualified charity. Under the SECURE Act, the initial required minimum distribution now begins at age 72 from 70 ½, effective for individuals who reach age 70 ½ after December 31, 2019.
The qualified charitable distribution (QCD) rule allows traditional IRA owners to deduct their required minimum distributions on their tax returns if they give the money to a charity. By lowering your adjusted gross income, the QCD rule can effectively reduce your taxes.
Despite the RMD suspension, if you are 70 ½ or older, you can still make a gift to Chaminade from your IRA (other than an ongoing SEP or SIMPLE IRA). You will benefit even if you do not itemize your deductions, as the transfer does not generate taxable income or a tax deduction. In addition, the gift does not count as income and can help lower your Medicare premiums and decrease the amount of Social Security that is subject to tax. 


Making Chaminade a beneficiary or owner of a life insurance policy is an easy and inexpensive way to make a meaningful future gift while generating a charitable income tax. Or, you can donate an existing fully paid life insurance policy to Chaminade.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust will help you maintain or increase your income while making a significant gift to Chaminade. If you have built a sizable estate and are looking for a way to receive reliable payments, consider a charitable remainder trust. 
You may receive payments with either an annuity trust or unitrust. The annuity trust pays you a fixed dollar amount, determined at the start, each year. The unitrust pays you a variable amount based on a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the trust assets each year. At the end of the trust term, the balance in the trust goes to Chaminade. This type of gift has the potential for an income tax deduction and up-front capital gains tax avoidance.
Charitable Lead Trust

The income from a charitable lead trust can be directed to Chaminade for an established number of years. At the end of the term, the trust becomes the property of the individuals named by you. This differs from the unitrust or annuity trust in that Chaminade receives income from the trust during the trust period, rather than the trust corpus at the end of the trust period.
  • Unlike a charitable remainder trust, a charitable lead trust is not tax-exempt. Trust income is taxed like the income of any other complex or grantor trust.

  • Requires legal setup and likely ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Careful planning is required to ensure the trust can make its required payments during the trust term.

  • The trust is irrevocable.
Contact Us
For more information on including Chaminade College Preparatory in your estate plans, please contact:
Kristine D. Calara
Vice President of Advancement
Tori McNees 
Director of Development, Major Giving
When including Chaminade in your plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID.
Legal Name: Chaminade College Preparatory
Address: 10210 Oakdale Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311
Federal Tax ID Number: 95-1744353

Chaminade College Preparatory, a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation with the tax identification number 95-1744353, gratefully accepts gifts for purposes that will help further its mission.
This website provides general information about planned giving instruments. You should always consult your attorney, estate planner or financial advisor on such matters.

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