Once upon a time, on a Chaminade campus in West Hills, a brave and ambitious group of parents had the idea to do a fundraiser for their school.   It was a fairly new concept, some 37 years ago, but they wanted to create an event where families could get together and share in the spirit of Chaminade while they raised money for the wonderful place that educated the hearts and minds of their children. 

The very first event, back in 1977 was called It’s Gotta Be Spring and the basic format was a lunch and fashion show that included baskets to bid on.  The event was a great success with the parents, faculty and staff that attended and a tradition was born that would continue for the next 30 years.   

The day time events were always well attended with the crowd consisting primarily of moms, aunts, grandmas and the neighbors…..oh and of course the fathers of the graduating seniors who always kept things lively.  Tickets would sell out quickly and close to 1000 people would attend.    

But 30 years and thousands of baskets later, the event had evolved into an all day affair and there was plenty of talk about how it really needed a change.   So in 2007, after much deliberation, the decision was made - Go big or go home!  The Spring Fashion Show officially became the Gala and it was held for the very first time in the evening at the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum in Simi Valley on March 24th, 2008.  The event included cocktails, a silent auction, a live auction, raffles, dinner, a fashion show put on by the graduating class as well as a senior show.  In 2009, the event moved east to the Four Seasons in Westlake Village where it kept a similar format and continued for the next three years.  And now, in 2013, the event will be held at the Sheraton Universal in Universal City.

The event took on another dimension in 2009 when the Online Auction was added.  The online component opens and closes before the date of actual Gala evening and it draws bidders from across the country.  Many raffles have come and gone but we still have a drawing for Half Tuition and our main Opportunity Drawing (aka the raffle) and the students on both campuses all do their part by selling tickets.  The senior show still is a tradition at the Gala, although the Fashion Show no longer is a part of the evening.  There still is an amazing Silent and Live Auction and in 2014, with a professional auctioneer.  Technology has also had an impact on the event and starting in 2012, we now do all of our bidding on a hand held electronic bidding device called Bid Pal. 

Every year there is a new theme.  Every year there is a new chair.   New ideas have come, some have stayed and some have gone, but the one thing that has always remained constant is that it has always been a great time to come together with other Chaminade families to celebrate the journey we are all on as parents. 

Are you coming this year?  We hope that your answer is yes as there is not another evening where you will feel the love and gratitude quite like this night.  Come join in the tradition of the Chaminade Gala as we celebrate “Magical Journey”.

2009 Gala Slideshow

A Look at the Past... 


Year   Theme Chairperson

2015   “Enchanted"
Tracy Norton and Gina Saadi

2014   “Havana Nights"

Sandi Poms and Kim Ulrich
2013   "All that Sparkles" Pam Tronson and Laura Arenson

  "Esprit De Chaminade" Wendy Torres and Lori Nasatir
2011   "Embracing Tomorrow" Nina Goshgarian and Chris Morigi-Wolfe

2010   "Imagine" Jennifer Davis and Lisa Lerman



“Night of a Thousand Stars”

Barb Fitzgerald, Kathy Incerpi, Karen Sensibile



“From This Moment”

Jill Marker-Kramer



“What a Wonderful World”

Lisa Barbagallo



“Ciao Bella”

Yvonne Benveniste




Kim Ulrich




Sandi Poms



"Cirque de Chaminade"

Susan Valdes



"Through the Years"

Betty Zdenek



"Field of Dreams"

Amy Milkovich



"Timeless Memories"

Linee Zajic



"Les Papillons"

Dawn Torgerson



"Time in a Garden"

Karen Alvarez



"Hats Off to Chaminade"

Diana Boehmer



"Angels in Our Hearts

Karin McConneghy



"The Magic of Mardi Gras"

Bette Baer



"Reach for the Stars"

Pam Ingram



"A Victorian Afternoon"

Gloria Benitez



"One Moment in Time"

Maria Bruckner



"Seasons of Our Lives"

Nancy Duarte



"Simply Elegant"

Rose Rigolizzo



"A Carousel of Color"

Giovanna Costa



"Music on the Air"

Patrice Mitchell



"Treasures of the Heart"

Amy Donner



"It's A Small World"

Penny Kelly



"Put On Your Easter Bonnet"

Carolyn Eikenmeyer



"A Family Affair"

Barbara Meyers



"Flying High Into Spring"

Charlotte O'Laco



"Easter Fantasy"

Sylvia MacAller




Maria Uribe



"Les Femmes de Chaminade"

Dee Flornes



"It's Gotta Be Spring"

Dee Flornes