Online Instruction Guidelines for Students

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  • General Components of our Online Learning Structure

    • Instruction for core content areas will be delivered through Schoology.
    • Each Monday by 8:00 a.m., teachers will post lessons in one-week increments using a school-approved format.*Exceptions will be made on weeks where Monday is a pupil free day or holiday. During those weeks, teachers will post lessons by Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. Students should check each course’s Materials and Updates on Schoology daily.
    • Teachers will use Schoology to post weekly lessons and maintain contact with students so that students will complete most of the activities in the weekly lesson at their own pace within the week. Lessons will include interactive digital and offline activities, and the weekly lesson, activities, and resources will all be located in Schoology under Materials. Live instructional sessions and office hours begin the week of April 6. Live sessions and office hours will provide students with twice a week contact with teachers and classmates and engage in learning that supports comprehension of that week’s skills and/or concepts.
    • Teachers will provide feedback and grades through Schoology. During the weekly lesson, students will participate in various learning activities. A minimum expectation is for teachers to enter at least one assignment in the gradebook per week; however, extenuating circumstances or the nature of the student work assigned may not always make this goal feasible. Teachers are advised to enter assignment grades within a week after the assignment due date. Teachers may also provide individual or group feedback through other digital tools.
    • Should students and families have questions or comments, communication will be conducted via email, and teachers will respond according to the school’s email communication policy.
    • Some flexibility is to be expected. Students and parents will be notified of any changes through BOTH teachers’ Schoology and the Family Portal on Chaminade’s website.
    • Some flexibility is to be expected. The school will update students and families each week through the Friday CTW and on the Middle School Online Instruction page of the Family Portal. Teachers may also post updates within their Schoology pages.
  • Schoology & Online Resources Teachers and Students May Use

    Embedded Within Schoology
    • Schoology Update: Check these daily as teachers use these for announcements. Scroll all the way down to see all updates.
    • Schoology Materials: Weekly lesson plans, resources, and assignments are found here.
    • Schoology Calendar: Assignments and announcements are also found here.
    • Schoology Discussion Boards: Students may interact with the teacher and with each other by responding to questions and comments related to the weekly lesson.
    • Schoology Conference: Students will access live lab/office hours and live instructional sessions here. A list of meetings will be found here for each class.
    • Edpuzzle: Teachers may embed videos with questions in a weekly lesson plan.
    • Listenwise: Teachers may embed podcasts from Listenwise in a weekly lesson plan.
    Embedded Within Clever
    *Note: Teachers may use one or more of these resources, which students can find in Schoology Materials in weekly lesson plans.
    • Padlet: Interactive discussion board
    • Formative: Questions in a variety of formats
    • ALEKS: Math practice
    • NoRedInk: Grammar and writing skill practice
    • Google Apps: Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drawings
    • McGraw-Hill Textbooks: Math and Science
    • HMH Textbook: Avancemos for Spanish 1A and 1B
    *Note: Teachers may use one or more of these resources, which students can find in Schoology Materials in weekly lesson plans.
    • Flipgrid: Interactive discussion board
    • Book Creator: Student-created digital books to tell stories and document learning
    • Powtoons: Way to demonstrate learning through digital cartoons
    • Kahoot: Questions in a variety of formats
    • Commonlit: Literary and informational readings (classical, contemporary, current)
    • School-provided and family-purchased hard copy resources
  • Assessments

    As stated above, teachers will assess students’ knowledge of concepts and performance of skills and provide feedback and assign grades through Schoology. Teachers may also provide feedback on assignments using other digital tools. A minimum expectation is for teachers to enter at least one assignment in the gradebook per week; however, extenuating circumstances or the nature of the student work assigned may not always make this goal feasible. Teachers are advised to enter assignment grades within a week after the assignment due date. At this time, teachers will not be quizzing or testing students. Therefore, students may refer to notes, readings, and other resources while completing assignments.
  • Assignment Deadlines

    Assignment deadlines were set by departments to mitigate any confusion that may be caused by assignments on Schoology, which automatically populate on student calendars. Department-assigned deadlines will make student calendars easier for students to view and allow students to find the assignments easily for each course. In summary, students may submit assignments ON or BEFORE the deadlines set by each department.
    English 7 and 8/Literature 6  
    Friday at 6:00 pm
    Friday at 6:00 pm
    Saturday at 6:00 pm
    Saturday at 6:00 pm
    Social Studies
    Sunday at 6:00 pm
    World Language/Language skills 6
    Sunday at 6:00 pm
  • Live Instructional Sessions and Live Office Hours

    Starting Thursday, April 2, ALL teachers will hold office/lab hours using Schoology Conference through Schoology X block pages. Student attendance at office/lab hours is voluntary.
    Starting the week of April 6, ALL teachers will conduct live instructional sessions using Schoology Conference through teachers’ Schoology pages. Students should attend live instructional sessions; however, the school understands there may be extenuating circumstances for not attending. Please notify your child’s teacher if your child will miss a session. See schedule below.

    *Begins for ALL teachers 
    the week of April 6. 
    *Begins for ALL teachers 
    On  April 2
    Block A 8:30 – 915
    Block B 9:30 – 10:15
    Block C 10:30 – 11:15
    Block D 12:45- 1:30

    Block E 8:30 – 9:15
    Block F 9:30 – 10:15
    Block G 10:30 – 11:15
    Block H 12:45 – 1:30
    8:15 – 8:45
    th grade Literature/Language Skills
    9:00 – 9:30
    9:45- 10:15
    World Language
    10:30 – 11:00
    Social Studies
    11:15 – 11:45

  • Academic, Technology, and Counselor Support

    Students may email teachers with any questions, and teachers will respond according to the school’s communication policy. Counselors will also collaborate with teachers, families, and administration to monitor student progress, particularly students who need additional support. Counselors are also available should you have other questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher and counselor via email if you have questions or concerns. For technology issues, contact the Instructional Technology Specialist Anthony Ploesch at or for laptop issues. Either he, a member of Information Systems, or administrator will respond according to the communication policy.
  • Library

    Students will continue to have access to library databases at Refer to Schoology X block for login credentials. The librarian Ms. Ames will be available to answer student questions via email:
  • Student Expectations

    • Be a student with integrity – Display the maturity and motivation to work independently. Ensure the work you submit is your own and no one else’s. Avoid plagiarism and all forms of academic dishonesty. Email teachers should you have any questions.

    • Use time wisely-Create a schedule with your parents/guardians that integrates focused academic time with brain breaks, preferably offline activities, such as creativity and play, time outdoors, quiet time (reading, tinkering, puzzles, etc.), family time, chores, snacks. See list of activities on PE and Exploratory teacher Schoology pages for ideas.
    • Engage in learning--Check Schoology Daily: Updates (scroll all the way down), Materials, and Calendar. Check email daily. Interact with teachers and each other through a combination of live sessions and digital discussion boards. Complete assignments ON or BEFORE deadlines. Immediately email teachers when you have questions or concerns.
    • Find/create a workspace that is separate from students’ sleeping space to reinforce the separation between time for learning and personal time

    • Refer to Online Instruction Middle School in the Family Portal and CTW for updates and further information about assessment, counseling, and the library
    REMEMBER – this is not forever! We will all be back at school and need to make the most of this “bridge” to keep you connected to the school and on track with your learning.
Chaminade is committed to minimizing instructional disruption and maintaining a sense of community through digital communications during the temporary school closure. We are well-positioned to move to an online learning environment for the six core content areas.
The first day of online learning begins when teachers post the first weekly lesson on Schoology on:
Tuesday, March 17 at 8:00 a.m.
Instruction and assessment in PE and Exploratories will be suspended during school closure. However, PE and Exploratories have compiled ONE document of optional offline engagement activities for students looking to indulge a passion or try something new in the areas of physical fitness, music, art, robotics, engineering, electronics, and programming. This document is located on all PE and Exploratory Schoology teacher pages.
An online learning environment does NOT replace face to face instruction. Therefore, the expectations for teaching and learning online will not be the same as when students are on campus for daily in-person classroom instruction. We are fortunate, however, that we have been in a 1:1 environment for over a decade, so all faculty are familiar with delivering lessons and information through Schoology, the middle school’s Learning Management System (LMS).
Students and families will be updated on any adjustments through teachers’ Schoology sites, the Family Portal on Chaminade’s website, and the CTW.

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  • We pride ourselves in living out the charism and values

    of what makes our school distinctly Catholic.

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