The Counseling Department's goals and objectives are to provide needed services to all students and to utilize resources in helping students solve problems, further their education, and make realistic plans for the future. This is done through individual and small group counseling. 
Counselors provide consultation and collaboration with teachers regarding individual students about whom they may be concerned. 

High School

Laura Cuneo
Director of Counseling
818-347-8300 ext. 325

June Hunter
818-347-8300 ext. 323

Janet Svolos

818-347-8300 ext. 350

Scott Borchart
818-347-8300  ext. 322

Daniel Johnson
818-347-8300  ext. 337

Kaylee Bryden
818-347-8300 ext. 327

Derreatha Juarez
818-347-8300 ext. 326

Ingrid Baum, LMFT
818-347-8300 ext. 580


Middle School

Heather Eaton, M.A., LMFT
Counseling Chairperson
Dance Team Coach
Caseload: P - Z
Room 305, ext. 573

Cheryl Lovejoy, M.S., LMFT
Caseload: A - G

Room 306, ext. 556

Mr. Jason Kertz, M Ed., P.P.S
Caseload: H - O
Room 206, Ext: 247

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