Goals & Objectives

Spiritual and Moral Goals

The faculty is guided by the three fold purpose of Catholic education as outlined in TO TEACH AS JESUS DID: "To strive to teach doctrine, to do so within the experience of Christian community and to prepare individuals for effective witness and service to others."

Our goals in this area are:

  • To foster a climate where a student's individual faith may grow and be developed.
  • To develop in students a sense and spirit of prayer, thereby deepening their relationship with God.
  • To help students become aware of their responsibility to help and serve others both in their own community and in the larger community.
  • To encourage the faculty to be role models for the students in expressing Christian values.
  • To enable students to make value choices that are influenced by Christian principles.
  • To provide students with a place to express their spiritual needs and concerns.
  • To develop in students an understanding of the importance of self-discipline and good citizenship.
  • To instill in students a love for Mary and an understanding and appreciation of the Marianist traditions.

We hope to accomplish these goals by:

  • Directing the student in the study of scripture and doctrine in the Catholic tradition.
  • Providing activities and occasions to enhance spiritual growth, such as liturgical celebrations and para liturgical celebrations, retreat programs, opportunities for prayer, and Christian service to the larger community.
  • Actively involving the students in liturgy planning, the distribution of communion, liturgical services, and prayer before class.
  • Developing students' awareness of the needs of others within the school, the local community, and in mission lands.
  • Providing opportunities for service through the Christian Service Program and on a voluntary basis for school events and activities.
  • Sharing God's blessing with others through the Canned Food Drive, Toy Drive, and Lenten Collection.
  • Offering Campus Ministry facilities as a place for gathering and sharing for students.
  • Providing opportunities for students to associate with adult role models during each period and after school.
  • Providing an atmosphere in the classroom so that students may freely express their concerns and ideas.
  • Providing a chapel for students to pray and celebrate intimate liturgies.
  • Substituting for and encouraging teachers to participate in the retreat program.
  • Expressing a caring and loving attitude toward students.
  • Expecting appropriate conduct in classes, assemblies and other student gatherings.
  • Reminding students through consistent enforcement of rules and the natural consequences of their actions.

Intellectual Goals

Curriculum is taught with the understanding that the purpose is not merely the attainment of knowledge but also includes the acquisition of values, the ability to think and the discovery of truth. The Christian spirit then must permeate the whole school and should be evident in all areas of the curriculum.

Our goals in this area are:

  • To provide an academically challenging curriculum which meets the needs of the college-bound students which also promotes an enjoyment of learning.
  • To motivate each student to develop his/her academic potential and creative talent.
  • To provide students with critical and independent thinking, analytical, and synthetic skills.
  • To provide students with a respect for truth through the many and varied aspects of the curriculum.
  • To develop an awareness and appreciation of the fine and practical arts.

We hope to achieve these goals by:

  • Establishing a system for evaluating course offerings and curriculum yearly to meet student need.
  • Continuing to offer a large number of honors and Advanced Placement courses.
  • Hiring competent and dedicated faculty members.
  • Placing students in courses appropriate to their skill level.
  • Providing academically challenging courses in all departments.
  • Providing a variety of experiences which challenge the mind to search and resolve problems.
  • Establishing different approaches and strategies to problem-solving enabling the student to reason logically, think critically, evaluate data, make judgments, and form oral and written opinions.
  • Requiring major examinations to contain thought provoking essay questions.
  • Emphasizing analytical writing in classes.
  • Using class discussion, reports, lab reports, and issues analysis.
  • Providing courses which allow the search for truth in many diverse disciplines.
  • Requiring students to take a full and varied program of studies.
  • Providing adequate library facilities.
  • Offering access to information in the library through the use of technology.
  • Using the library during free periods in a quiet manner.
  • Honoring students who have achieved academic excellence.
  • Providing a classroom environment that encourages discussion.
  • Providing a curriculum that effectively and creatively deals with diverse cultures, religions, and social issues.
  • Offering the opportunity to establish cultural and other clubs and organizations.
  • Encouraging students to recognize their unique talents through experimentation with varied media including drama, literature, art, and music.
  • Encouraging students to participate in community programs and contests sponsored for educational growth and recognition.
  • Providing a curriculum that is well rounded, integrated, and designed to meet the needs of students in each subject area.

Emotional and Social Goals

The Chaminade faculty and staff seek to help students become responsible and productive citizens in a global society. They recognize the importance of social interaction in the lives of their students.

Our goals in this area are:

  • To provide an environment that accepts students from various cultures, religions, races, genders, and nationalities.
  • To help students develop a responsible social conscience based on Christian values, morals and insights.
  • To develop problem solving techniques, skills and attitudes for students to work harmoniously with each other and meet the challenges and problems of living in society.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills, both in school and in the community.
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation in each student of his/her own worth and value as a person, and promote methods that increase the self-esteem of each student.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to seek assistance from their peers or teacher/counselors.
  • To develop an understanding and tolerance of the capabilities, talents, and preferences of other students and people.

Emotional and Social Objectives

We hope to achieve these goals by:

  • Offering a curriculum which studies various cultures.
  • Stating the expected behavior in the student handbook and provide guidelines for students to understand appropriate behavior.
  • Having a non-discriminatory enrollment policy.
  • Creating an environment in which students treat each other with respect, kindness, and courtesy, regardless of any differences of race, culture, gender, religion, and nationality.
  • Developing in students a global awareness of social justice issues so that they may become able to respond to social concerns.
  • Encouraging participation in student government, teams and other areas to develop and strengthen leadership skills and social interaction.
  • Developing a sense of achievement and accomplishment in each student through encouragement, positive reinforcement, and awards programs.
  • Providing students the opportunity for Christian Service.
  • Encouraging participation in school wide drives to aid the poor.
  • Using the classroom to help students understand the concept of the world as a Global Village.
  • Including a course in Christian Social Justice in the curriculum that is required for all students.
  • Providing opportunities for students to work with counselors, join cultural clubs, and to discuss difficulties with each other.
  • Providing a retreat program on each grade level to help students know each other, themselves and their God.
  • Providing a Peer Facilitating class and program to help students work together, using support groups and the classroom to develop the techniques learned in this program.
  • Developing a total school atmosphere which fosters respect and self esteem in all students.
  • Providing Guidance and Counseling Services.
  • Meeting with teachers when necessary or appropriate.
  • Encouraging students to recognize their worth as unique persons and to accept their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Providing opportunities for students to share their capabilities and talents with others.

Physical Goals

Chaminade believes that its responsibility is to address the development of the whole student, both in mind and body.

Our goals in this area are:

  • To encourage students to develop their physical skills and an appreciation for physical fitness and well-being.
  • To encourage enthusiastic participation in athletic programs and recreational activities.
  • To develop good sportsmanship by respecting other people's abilities and talents, through healthy competition and teamwork.
  • To develop in students a Christian understanding and reverence for their own sexuality.

We hope to achieve these goals by:

  • Helping students acquire the physical skills of coordination, agility, endurance, and strength through a sequential comprehensive physical education and sports program.
  • Promoting personal cleanliness and good nutritional and physical fitness habits.
  • Instilling in students a healthy and respectful attitude towards their bodies.
  • Creating an environment in which students are recognized for good sportsmanship and for individual capabilities.
  • Offering classes in physical education, health education, and promote the development of physical skills.
  • Providing nutrition awareness support groups and an intramural program.
  • Offering a comprehensive sports program that encourages student participation, rewards students who have participated and achieved excellence.
  • Having faculty cooperation and supportive absent policies.
  • Educating and reminding students of expected behavior at games and other athletic events.
  • Enforcing natural consequences for inappropriate behavior.

Aesthetic Goals

The arts embody and reflect the beauty of creation and its expression in culture. We share our appreciation with our students through the following goals and objectives.

Our goals in this area are:

  • To develop an appreciation of the beauty of God's creation and a careful, reverent attitude towards its preservation and improvement.
  • To develop an appreciation of culture through its expression in drama, art and music.
  • To foster creativity and develop skills in drama, art, and music.

We hope to achieve these goals by:

  • Maintaining a clean and orderly environment that is appreciated by parents, students, and faculty.
  • Instilling in students a reverence and respect for all forms of life by our attitude and example.
  • Exposing students to varied expressions of the fine arts through classroom experiences, assemblies, and cultural program.
  • Allowing and encouraging students to share their creative talents and abilities within the classroom, with the entire student population, and with the broader community.
  • Providing a positive approach in the curriculum to environmental issues.
  • Providing comprehensive and sequential classes in drama, art, and music.
  • Providing activities which encourage and participating in cultural events.
  • Providing opportunities for showing students' art in displays and formal and informal productions and shows.
  • Involving parents in support groups for drama, art, and music.
  • Providing opportunity for students to participate in a talent show.

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