Chaminade Athletic Hall of Fame

On February 6, 2015, five outstanding athletes were inducted into the Hall of Fame: Maria (Costa) Husband '92, Bobby Paschal '02, Kelly Cochran '05, Logan Paulsen '05, and Ryan Griffin '08For pictures from the 2015 event, click here.

Griffin, Paschal, Husband, Cochran, Paulsen 

When Chaminade first opened its doors in Cheviot Hills in 1952, a strong athletic program was keenly important to the Marianists in their overall mission to prepare young men for future success.  With only a handful enrolled, however, even fielding a team for the major sports was difficult. On occasion there were just enough athletes to complete a roster with few available for a second team.  Injuries could bring the game to an abrupt and premature end.  Still, the early coaches provided tremendous leadership along with a spirit of tenacity, and those teams never gave up.

When the campus moved to West Hills, there was plenty of desire, but the facilities were lacking.  Early teams played on asphalt and cow pastures, yet their firm resolve and talent brought championship status to teams and players alike.  When the Uribe Sports Center was opened in 1981, and when Booster Stadium was completed in 1988, Eagle athletes, at last, had the facilities in which to soar.

Today, Chaminade has risen to an entirely new level of achievement.  More than 2,000 young men and women attend the school.  Younger athletes at our Middle School have achieved numerous championships and honors.  High school athletes have also excelled in many sports, bringing Eagle Athletics to CIF Championship status, State Top Ten ranking and League Championships status.

Now, as always, Eagle athletics are considered a vital program for the development of young leaders.  Coaches and boosters commit thousands of hours to young Eagles and their athletic programs.  In 2002, the Chaminade Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame was formed to honor those athletes, coaches, and boosters for their contributions to the School. 

Members of the Athletic Hall of Fame


Mike Barnes '56

Brianna Barth '07

Alyson Belcher '85

Scott Borchart '01

Lucy Braker Howell '87

Liz Buhn '00

James Carolan '57

Kelly Cochran '05

Tom Condon '56

Amy Cook '91

Ted Corcoran '92

Maria Costa Husband '92

Chris Costley '84

Gabe Crecion '96

Kevin Dulsky '84

Marcus Everett '04

Joe Fabian '82

Tania Fischer '83

Liz Giltner Smith '97

Chris Gray '97

Ryan Griffin '08

Ryan Hamill '97

Brad Hunter '71

Craig Hunter '72

Melissa Ingalls '86

Vaughan Kastor '83

Doug Kavulich '88

Tim Lavin '88

Maureen LeCocq Ground '99

Bill Lee '60 

Scott Long '98

Tom Lord '78

John McDonough '76

Steve Mussack '67

Chris Noonan '88

Jack O'Neill '58

Bobby Paschal '02

Logan Paulsen '05

Curt Rothschiller '76

Karen Shin '85

Jeffrey Signer '73

Derek Snyder '01

Justin Stark '90

Steve Stark '81

Michael Stevens '61 

Anna Suarez Tulino '88

Kim Taylor Furniss '01

Daiva Tomkus Fuerst '86

Ron Wangerin '84

Bill White '70

The 1998 Boys Basketball Team

The 1998 Girls Soccer Team



Fr. Larry Calhoun

Bernie Kyman

Rich Lawson

Mike Lynn '75

Rich Montanio

Joe Rauser

Mike Valentine

John Vukelich



Jim & Penny Kelly 

Phil & Nancy Mundy

Ric & Maria Uribe

Harry White


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