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AP Testing Reminders (May 1st - May 12th)


1. The day you take a test – you are excused from ALL classes on that day. You may attend class before or after an exam if you choose, but it is not required that you do so.  If you will be leaving school after you have taken a morning AP exam, you must have your student ID with you. The guards will be given a list each day with the names of students testing and you will be asked to show your ID at the gate before you will be allowed to leave campus.

2. The starting time for all morning tests is 7:30 am and the starting time for all afternoon tests is 12:00 pm. Tests vary in length from 3-4 hours and then there is additional time added for instructions, test collection, break, etc. For this reason, there can be no specific end time given for each exam.

3.  Please make sure that you know where the tests are taking place – basically all tests are being given in the Media Center with the exception of Environmental Science, Psychology, US History, Biology, US Government Calculus AB or BC and World History – these will be in the gym. AP Spanish Language and AP Chinese Language are in the Upstairs Conference Room. The test locations and times are posted here: AP Exams Locations and Times 2017.

Please know that you must be in the testing room, seated and ready to begin at the specified times, 7:30 am for morning tests and 12:00 pm for afternoon tests. IF YOU ARRIVE AFTER THE EXAM HAS STARTED YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BEGIN THE TEST!

4. Cell phones are NOT ALLOWED in the testing room!  Please leave them at home, in your car or your locker. College Board has a strict policy about cell phone or any other wireless electronic device being allowed in the testing room (they may not even be in a backpack) so please make it easier on everyone and just leave them home on the day you are taking an exam.

5. Please bring pencils and pens - all tests require that you have both not matter what subject you are taking!

6. If you are taking a math or science you will need to bring your own calculator.  You should also check to make sure that your batteries do not need replacing.

7. The tests are long so if you anticipate that you will need a snack or water during your brief break make sure that you bring something with you!




Fall 2017 Midwest College Tour October 1st -7th 


Announcing the 2017 Fall College Tour, Schools of the Midwest!

From October 1st to 7th, 2017, Chaminade Counseling will be hosting a tour of colleges traveling through Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin! This is an exceptional opportunity for students to see and experience some of the best colleges in the country, all in the same week!

Expected stops include the University of Michigan, the University of Dayton, Indiana University – Bloomington, the University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, the University of Wisconsin, and more!

Early bird pricing for the tour is $2,099! This includes airfare, tour bus, hotel (2 students per room), daily food allowance, and event admission. The tour is open to “rising” sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Register by May 1st at midnight to secure your spot at the current price! Please contact your counselor for more information.

 Click here to register and use Tour Code: 17TA11304




The Counseling Department's  goals and objectives are to provide needed services to all students and to utilize community resources in helping students solve problems, further their education, and make realistic plans for the future. This is done through individual and small group counseling. Each student should have a minimum of one counseling session during each semester, but counselors are available to students and parents as often as necessary.


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