Grades One to Five - Art & Action

Chaminade’s new Art & Action Academy is designed for active and creative kids to explore movement, sports, and visual and performing arts. Each week newcombinations of classes will challenge their active bodies and creative minds! Morning and afternoon sessions are made up of three different classes each week designed to inspire healthy and engaging experiences.

ON DECK! (Entering 1st – 3rd grade and 4th - 8th grade) Hey batter, batter! Baseball, softball, wiffleballand kickball get lots of coverage this week as youplay games and do fun drills that will teach youthe fundamentals of America’s favorite pastime.

SURVIVOR P. E. (Entering 1st – 3rd grade and 4th – 8th grade) Outwit, Outlast, Outplay! This engaging PE course utilizes and incorporates games and challenges based on the television show “Survivor”. Students will form their own tribes, give themselves tribal names,and create their own tribal flag, all in the spirit of fun competition. Only on this island, no one is voted off!

ALLEY-HOOPS! (Entering 1st – 3rd grade and 4th – 8th grade) Dribble, shoot, SCORE! Learn the fundamentals from a former varsity basketball coach! You’ll work on basic skills through a variety of drills, games,and competitions. For boys and girls of all abilities:Bring your game and see you on the court!

ATHLETIC TRAINING (Entering 1st – 3rd grade and 4th – 8th grade) This course will include training in the areas ofstrengthening, speed, agility, flexibility and corefitness. Each week will consist of a sport specifictheme and will include games and activities.

HIP HOP DANCE (Entering 1st – 3rd grade and 4th – 8th grade) This fun, energetic dance class is for boys and girls and will teach them how to dance like their favorite pop stars! Students will learn fun hip-hop techniques and combinations, and dance to their favorite music.

Hi -YA! (Entering 1st – 3rd grade and 4th – 8th grade) Come one come all and learn how to defend yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally through themartial arts! This class is designed to teach children the basics all while building confidence. There will be drills, games, and lots of fun!

JEWELRY MAKING (Entering 4th – 8th grade) This introductory jewelry making class will focuson teaching children real jewelry design andmaking techniques such as beading, wire work,copper etching, enameling, resin, bead stringing,crimping, wool felting and much more in a fun,engaging age appropriate way!

 INTRODUCTION TO IMPROV (Entering 1st-3rd grade and 4th – 8th grade) Improvisational skills teach children to be positive,become more creative, focus on the people they’reworking with, listen, and take risks. This class createsa fun and supportive environment for kids to learn thebasics of creating improv, story telling, and stagecraand is taught primarily through games, play, andimprovised stories.

ART AROUND THE WORLD (Entering 1st – 3rd grade) Introduction to art from different times and places.Students create Persian miniatures, Japanese prints,Native American Kachina masks, and Byzantinemosaics, exploring how people from differentcultures incorporate art into their lives. Studentsalso learn to draw basic shapes, patterns, faces, andlandscapes using tempera paint, oil pastels, chalkpastels, and collage materials.

ART TELLS A STORY (Entering 1st – 3rd grade) Discover the story in a work of art. Students learn toanalyze clues in a composition to interpret the messageof the artist. Students master techniques such as drawingcontour figures, employing pointillism and printingrepeated designs inspired by Polynesian tapa cloths.

THE ARTIST’S VISION (Entering 1st – 3rd grade) Learn how artists use their art to reflect themselvesand their ideas about the world. As they makeportraits with clay, oil pastels, collage paper,and finger paint, students master the techniquesof drawing facial proportions and express theirviews of themselves.

MODERN ART (Entering 4th -8th Grade) Learn about artists who use abstraction toemphasize the importance of feelings and ideas,rather than trying to capture a realistic scene.Students draw abstract animals, sculpt wire intoaction figures, and stencil organic shapes whileexploring the work of modern artists.

AMERICAN ART (Entering 4th – 8th) GradeLearn about how the work of American artiststhroughout history portrays aspects of nationaland cultural life. Students learn how to drawproportional figures by studying paintingtechniques of the American Masters.

DRAWING & PAINTING (Entering 1st – 3rd gradeand Entering 4th – 8th Grade)Turn those doodles into masterpieces! Startingwith the basics of drawing composition, studentswill move on to create paintings from theirdesigns. Students will work with a variety ofdifferent drawing and painting techniques todemonstrate their artistic ability.

 Early Elementary Art & Action Academy (grades 1-3) WEST HILLS CAMPUS

  • Week 1 PM: Introduction to Improv., Hi Ya! Art Around the World
  • Week 2 PM: Your Amazing Body, Drawing & Painting, Introduction to Improv.
  • Week 3 PM: Introduction to Improv. Drawing & Painting, On-Deck!
  • Week 4 PM: Hip Hop Dance, Drawing & Painting, The Artists’ Vision
  • Week 5 PM: Hip Hop Dance, Art Tells A Story, Drawing & Painting


Early Elementary Art & Action Academy (grades 1-3) CHATSWORTH CAMPUS

  • WEEK 1 AM: Survivor PE, Introduction to Improv, Art Around the World
  • WEEK 2 AM: Introduction to American Sign Language, Athletic Training, Percussion Workshop
  • WEEK 3 AM: Percussion Workshop, Survivor PE, Art Tells A Story
  • WEEK 4 AM: Athletic Training, Art Tells A Story, Piano
  • WEEK 5 AM: The Artist’s Vision, Survivor PE, Piano
  • WEEK 1 PM: Your Amazing Body, Jewelry Making, Drawing & Painting
  • WEEK 2 PM: Sports Medicine for Kids, Drawing & Painting, On Deck
  • WEEK 3 PM: Your Amazing Body, Drawing & Painting, Alley Hoops
  • WEEK 4 PM: Sports Medicine for Kids, Introduction to Improv, Jewelry Making
  • WEEK 5 PM: Your Amazing Body, Drawing & Painting, Introduction to Improv